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Main Church

The East Window

East End

Adoration of the Heavenly Court

This set of windows was given by subscription in 1875 in memory of Jane Elizabeth Anne Vaughan, died 1873.

From the left, Window 1 (Starting at the top of the window)

Cherubim, Child Saints: Faith and Prisca, Cyril and Pancras. Holy Women: Anne, Elizabeth, Mary Magdalene, Helen, Margaret, Elizabeth of Hungary.

Window 2

Angels, Apostles : Peter, Paul, Andrew, John, James the Great, James the Less, Simon, Philip, Bartholomew, Jude, Thomas. Martyrs: Stephen, Lawrence, Thomas of Canterbury,. Kings: Gaspar, Melchior, Balthasar, Oswald, Kenelm, Edmund.

Central Window

The Holy Dove, Christ in Glory: Emblems of the Four Evangelists. Archangels: Raphael, Gabriel, Michael. Our Lady and Virgin Saints: Agnes, Catherine, Margaret, Etheldreda, Caecilia, Ursula. Archbishops: Dunstan, Augustine, Anselm, Patrick. Doctors: Jerome, Augustine, Gregory , Ambrose, John Chrysostom, Gregory Nazianzen, Athanasius, Basil.

Window 4

Angels, Patriarchs, Prophets, Kings: Isaiah, David, Isaac, Joshua, Solomon, St John Baptist, Jacob, Moses, Abraham, Adam. Bishops: Cuthbert, Osmund, Edmund. Soldiers: Sebastian, Alban, George, Centurion, Maurice.

Window 5

Seraphim, Hermits: St Neot, St Leonard, St Godrick, St Guthlac. Monks and Friars: Francis, Dominic, Benedict, Stephen Harding, Venerable Bede.

On the North and South Sides Under the Gallery

The Annunciation and Visitation

The Windows, originally in the south west porch were given circa 1897

Below the West Gallery

Holy Baptism and its Types

The Baptism of Christ

The Safety of Noah

Christ and Nicodemus

Moses in the Bulrushes

The Commission to Baptise

The Passage of the Red Sea

In the Porch

Subject: Our Lady with the Holy Child, and St Joseph

Given in memory of "Little Arthur Abney Walker" in 1897

Map of the Church

To help locate the windows when you visit the church

East End with Clerestory Windows


North Side with Clerestory Windows

South Side with Clerestory Windows

West End with Choir/Organ Gallery and Clerestory Windows Above

The Clerestory Windows

Subject: All Saints

These windows were given by varioius donors in 1904. They were made by Burlison and Grylls. 

North Side

The Donors or In Memory of are under the name of the saint

Doctors of the Church 

St Ambrose


St Jerome


Doctors of the Church 

St Augustine of Hippo

The Parishioners

St Gregory



St Bernard

Georgiana Budd

St Francis

Margaret Sandeman


St Athanasius

Robert William Mitchell

St Charles Borromeo

Henrietta Barbara Vaughan



This window was given by Mrs Vaughan in memory of the dedication of the Vaughan Memorial (28th October 1903) and "in thankful recognition of the faithful love and service and devotion and sacrifice and patience that are crowned by it." St Charles was chosen by Fr Moultrie to keep in memory the Christian name of the founder.

Eastern Windows of the North Clerestory

Subject: Types and Prophecies

The windows were given in 1882, two by Elizabeth Maria Roempke, two by Mr Vaughan.

They were made by Hardman of Birmingham

Jacob's Dream

Isaiah's Vision

Abel's Sacrifice

The Offering of Isaac

South Side

St Peter

Margaret Sandeman

St Paul

Margaret Sandeman

St Perpetua

In Memory of

Mabel Caroline Batterham 

St Catherine

In Memory of

Florence Beasley

St Nicholas

Patron of Sailors and of Children

In Memory of

Henry and Ethel Stanley Clarke

St Stephen

Emma Menzies

St Alban

Harriet Mellersh

St Dunstan

In Memory of

Georgiana Vaughan

St Cuthbert

In Memory of

Cuthbert Vaughan 

St Leonard

Patron of the Town

In Memory of

Ethel Harriet Crofts

West End

Subject: Prophets, Evangelists, Our Lady, and the Archangels

The windows were given by various donors in 1904. They were made by Burlison and Grylls

(These photos of the West End were taken from the Sanctuary at the East End of the Church approx 100 feet away)

From the left top down-

Window 1 - St Gabriel - In memory of Judith Pulteney

Window 2 - Our Lady, St Michael - In memory of Evelyn Stanley Clarke

Window 3 - St Raphael - In memory of Frederic Call

From the left top down -

Windows 1 and 4 are obscured by the organ casing so are not shown.

Window 1 -  St Matthew, Isaiah -

In memory of Mary Backhouse

Window 2 - St Mark, Jeremiah - 

In memory of Ellen Frances Backhouse

Window 3 - St Luke, Ezekiel - 

In memory of Anthony William Clarke

Window 4 - St John, Daniel- 

In memory of Ellen Harriet Ludlam

The Lady Chapel

Subject: The History of Our Lady

The windows were given anonymously in 1877. They were made by Heaton, Butler and Bayne.

Window 1 - The Burning Bush, Gideon's Fleece

Window 2 - The Nativity of Our Lady, Her Dedication in the Temple, Her Espousal to St Joseph

Window 3 - The Annunciation, The Birth of Christ

Window 1 - The Adoration by the Shepherds, The Presentation in the Temple  

Window 2 - The Adoration of the Magi, The Flight into Egypt, Our Lord Taught by His Mother 

Window 3 - With the Doctors in the Temple, The Holy Family

The Lady Chapel Sanctuary

Our Lady and St John

The Marriage at Cana

The Crucifixion

The St Mary Magdalene Chapel

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