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Cosy Crypt

Cosy Crypt is now on a break until September


Cosy Crypt St Leonards is part of the UK Warm Space initiative Warmwelcomehub in conjunction with Diocese of Chichester & Hastings Borough Council 

Join us every Thursday in our "Cosy Crypt" where we offer free tea, coffee and biscuits. Come and join us for company or use our dedicated "Quiet Room" We are part of the nationwide initiative to open up spaces to give everyone someone to go to keep warm, have company or give a friendly helping hand in these difficult economic times. All are welcome.

We are also here to help those who want a friendly ear or simply want help and don't know who to turn to. We are so fortunate to work in partnership with Citizens Advice 1066 to help those who seek advice, a member of their team is available until 3pm. 

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