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Sunday School

In Sunday School we explore and learn about the themes & topics of the Bible, making things which reflect what the Bible is saying using colours and Bible related images and drawings. Bringing the topics to life by having the opportunity to participate in a very short display at the end of the service with the children explaining what they have been learning about that morning.

We have a brightly-coloured room in the crypt where we meet and have books and resources freely available. The children begin mass in church and after receiving their Bible from the celebrant during the opening hymn, spend time having stories and activities in their room. They return to

Mass at the offertory. 

The teaching follows the liturgical calendar, or theme, over a few weeks. Sunday School meets during term time with breaks for Easter, Summer and Christmas. This allows leaders time to enjoy the mass and also for the children to attend if they would like to.


There is a carpeted area along the South pews which is available for children to sit during the service with supervision from one of the safeguarding team.  Children's books about the Christian faith in addition to other books, various toys are kept there.

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