Baptism & Confirmation

We are celebrating four confirmations with five baptisms on Sunday 28th April, St George’s Day & Low Sunday. We will have our parish scout group for their scout parade too. Please pray for these candidates as they prepare for confirmation.

Fr Luke

His Collation and Installation as Archdeacon will take place in Chichester Cathedral at 5:30pm on Thursday 9th May - and you are all more than welcome! Please pray for Fr Luke and his family. Pray, too, for Fr Nick, Bishop Peter and all who will care for this Parish until the Bishop appoints a new Parish Priest.

Fr Sean

Fr Sean’s last Sunday is 28th April, St George’s Day & Low Sunday. He will be Instituted as Vicar of S Alban, South Norwood, on 24th May- you are all invited! We pray for him, and for his new Parish as he prepares for this new ministry.

Gardening at our Parish School

Our aim is become a 'growing' school here at Christ Church - growing our own produce e.g. salad/tomatoes/potatoes/beans/marrows/sweet-corn/ strawberries etc so our pupils can have an active role in planting, watering, watching the plants grow and eventually harvesting them -then learn how to prepare dishes and serve their home-grown food in school!

However... we need your help. So far we have spent funds on developing our Nature Trail and purchasing raised beds and soil.

We are now in need of DONATIONS of the following:

We are planning a Community Day in Term 5, after the Easter holidays, when families can come and help develop our school grounds alongside us, make bird feeders and contribute to our vision! We will let you know dates soon!

Thank you for your support,

Mrs Susi Singh, Head Teacher

Sick List

We are updating our Sick List. If you like us to pray for someone who is in urgent need, please write their name on the list ‘For the Sick.’ If you would like us to pray for someone who is long term sick, please write their name on the list ‘Long term Sick.’ Both are at the back of church. Alternatively, please speak to Fr Nick. Thank you.

Parish Pilgrimage to Walsingham

Our annual pilgrimage takes place from 17th-21st June. If you would like more information, please speak with Margaret Byne.


Across the Diocese we are constantly reviewing and updating our policy and procedures in this important area of our life and ministry. As part of this, all Parish clergy have been asked to share the new Safeguarding website address widely.It is an excellent resource for us all as we work together,

Seaview Project

We have a collection box at the back of church for donations towards the work of the Seaview project. Seaview provides a day centre for those who are homeless in our community. Donations of non-perishable food, clothes, blankets etc are more than appreciated. Please support this work if you are able to do so.

Fayre Dates for your Diary

We are keeping the dates for the Summer and Christmas Fayres in line with our regular monthly Sales, (first Saturday in the month), so the Summer Fayre is on July 6th, and the Christmas Fayre on December 7th.

Keeping in touch

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Year of Vocation - Notes for Lent as we follow our Way of Living series

What will make you happy? That’s a profoundly Christian question, as much as it is one asked by politicians, economists, retailers and the media.

The answer you get from each of those groupings will be very different. All, except the Christian response, will describe what will make you happy now. The Christian response will do that, but only in the light of what will guarantee your happiness for ever, eternally

Giving stuff up is not, of itself, the way to happiness. But giving up what can be destructive of our Christian and human freedom is a step towards the happiness of heaven. Adjusting our desires can be a small rehearsal of what it means to die; it is to let go of our hold on stuff in time and space.

This Lent, as you think about what you are going to include in your Rule of Life, don’t focus simply on getting through 40 days without something you might binge on for 50 days of Easter. Focus on something that you need to relinquish or regulate, so that it does not determine your life. So much modern technology controls us. Now is your chance to push back. Get off your devices and spend more time with people! Find more space in your life. Seek a bigger investment in time for something relational and human that has divine potential. Examples include music, friendship, gardening, voluntary service, and prayer.

(We have already mentioned prayer in the Advent season: this could be a good moment to check out your intercessory prayer and check on what other forms of prayer you wish to use, such as prayer through scripture, meditation, the liturgical prayer of the daily Office and the Eucharist.)

Other ways to deepen your life of prayer are: having a quiet day, joining others on a retreat, visiting a Religious Community. And the earth. Technology has given us fabulous time and energy saving devices, though it’s not always clear that we have good and cheering things to do with our time.

But here’s a question: how much do you waste? Not just time, but material stuff as well. What do you throw away?

The Christian record on creation is that human beings are the stewards of creation. Your Rule of Life should have something in it that reverses the pattern of waste. And what might the outcome be? Saving money, and saving the earth’s resources for the next generation. That’s good. Better still, the outcome of praise and thanksgiving to God.

You might also want to think about pulling together a review of your use and misuse of God’s gifts, by making your confession. The Church of England provision for this is in the Visitation of the Sick, in the Book of Common Prayer.

A contemporary introduction to this grace-filled experience of God’s mercy is on the diocesan website.

Notes to help you plan your resolutions and the one or two priorities that will become part of your Rule of Life.

• How can I reclaim time and space for quality relationships?

• Where could I put a stop to waste; enjoy just having enough, not more?

• How can I find God’s mercy through radical, individual repentance?