Fr Luke

Bishop Martin has announced that I have been appointed Archdeacon of Chichester. My last Sunday as Rector here will be Mothering Sunday, 31st March. My Collation and Installation as Archdeacon will take place in Chichester Cathedral at 5:30pm on Thursday 9th May - and you are all more than welcome! Please pray for me and my family as I prepare to move and begin this new ministry. Pray, too, for Fr Nick, Bishop Peter and all who will care for this Parish until the Bishop appoints a new Parish Priest.

Fr Sean

Will be Instituted as Vicar of S Alban, South Norwood, on 24th May. We pray for him, and for his new Parish as he prepares for this new ministry.

Special ‘Clothes’ March Sale

Our March Monthly Sale on Saturday 2nd, ( 10-12.30 ), will especially feature a variety of good quality women’s clothes – large sizes – at reasonable prices. This is due to a specific recent donation. Also, there will be home-made Easter gift items, and the usual popular refreshments. If anyone has a clothes rail we could borrow, that would be very useful. Please see Jane Read or Carole Sherwood. Please advertise this event among others whom it might interest. Thank you and hope to see you there.

Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday

We will have our Parish Pancake Party on the evening of Tuesday 5th March at 7pm.

Ash Wednesday is March 6th and Mass will be offered at 10:30am and a Sung Mass at 7pm.


Your Parochial Parish Council have requested a small team to investigate how we may achieve financial sustainability over the next few years. So we may understand how you particularly enjoy your worship at this beautiful Church and may be willing to assist in meeting the costs, we would be grateful if you would complete the form included in this booklet and leave it in the marked basket at the back of the Church. You do not have to leave your name and/or contact details, but should you wish to discuss or learn more of our proposals we would be pleased to hear from you. Similarly we would be most interested to learn of any other fund raising activities you would consider appropriate to our needs. Thank you for your ongoing generosity.


Across the Diocese we are constantly reviewing and updating our policy and procedures in this important area of our life and ministry. As part of this, all Parish clergy have been asked to share the new Safeguarding website address widely.It is an excellent resource for us all as we work together,

Safeguarding Training

The Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser will be delivering C2 Training for those who require this in the the Parish, here on Thursday 7th March at 7pm. Our Clergy, Director of Music, PALS leaders, Church Wardens and PCC members, Mcs, Eucharistic Ministers should all contact Jane Hart to book a place. Thank you.

Renewal of the Electoral Roll

The Parish Electoral Roll has to be renewed as part of our preparations for the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM). HAVE YOU FILLED IN A NEW ELECTORAL ROLL FORM? If you are baptised and have been attending regularly for six months or longer you should be on the Electoral Roll. Please fill in a form and give to Carole Sherwood or a Churchwarden. Thank you.


The PCC next meets on Tuesday 19th February at 7pm in the Crypt.

Parish Pilgrimage to Walsingham

Our annual pilgrimage takes place from 17th-21st June. If you would like more information, please speak with Margaret Byne.

Annual Parochial Church Meeting

Will take place after the Parish Mass on Sunday 24th March.

Seaview Project

We have a collection box at the back of church for donations towards the work of the Seaview project. Seaview provides a day centre for those who are homeless in our community. Donations of non-perishable food, clothes, blankets etc are more than appreciated. Please support this work if you are able to do so.

Coffee and Refreshments after Mass

We need new volunteers for the rota for serving refreshments after Mass on the fifth Sunday of the month. If you are able to help please speak with Fiona Evans. Thank you.

Book Sales

We have started selling a variety of Christian books, after the 10.15 Sunday Mass, at the back of Church. These came from the Magnet Centre Library, when it closed down. They form just a small amount of the many categories of books that are housed in the Book Room, in the Parish Centre (access from the back of the courtyard). This Library has been developing during recent months, having grown out of the books donated for our regular Sales and Fayres. The Book Room is open to the general public each Monday and Wednesday, from 9.30 - 11.45, and is well worth a visit. All proceeds from book sales go towards our general fund-raising.

Fayre Dates for your Diary

We are keeping the dates for the Summer and Christmas Fayres in line with our regular monthly Sales, (first Saturday in the month), so the Summer Fayre is on July 6th, and the Christmas Fayre on December 7th.

Keeping in touch

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The traditional image of the crib, on our Christmas cards and in our carols, is a genuine communication of Christian faith

The Virgin Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, the Magi, and the joy of the angels at the birth of the Christ child are an intrinsic part of Christmas.

But the 21st century has a new image to add; the lifeless body of Aylan Kurdi, a Syrian toddler and a refugee, washed up on a Turkish beach in 2015.

This image reminds us of the fragility and pain that Jesus Christ shares in being God and man. It reminds us of people for whom there is still no room at the Inn.

Your Christian Rule of Life cannot encompass the whole of the misery of the middle East and the refugee crisis, even though it has spread to northern Europe, and we have done less than some others to respond.

But you are not alone. You are part of the Church, the extension of the body of Jesus Christ on earth, in time and place. And your Rule of Life can include a commitment to respond to one of the many ways in which human need shows itself to us today.

One of the important characteristics of the Christian faith is that it is a very materialistic religion. God is at once both the unknowable source of all life, and the child of Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit.

As St John puts it, “Something that has existed since the beginning...the Word of life—that is our theme. That life was made visible” (1 John 1.1).

Jesus asks us to meet the human (material) need of the poorest: when you do it for them, “you do it for me”, he says. His good news is not the promise of a hand-out; it is the certainty of a handle on hope and transformation.

Christians, and other people of goodwill, are engaged across the world in meeting human need and giving hope. Your contribution can be significant, in person, by email or letter, giving time, money, or encouragement.

Your rule of life should include a commitment, in some way that is appropriate to your circumstances, to meeting human need and giving hope. Do not be burdened by the sum of all the pain in the world: that is part of God’s redemptive work. But do be certain that you can make a difference.

1. What are the areas of material need in your local community?

What opportunity is there for volunteers to help meet those needs? Many churches are already connected with food banks. There is also the diocesan network of FSW that has over a century of experience of supporting vulnerable families. The Mothers Union is a national and international organisation that supports families and young people, as does The Children’s Society.

2. How do you respond to people who are sleeping on the street and who ask you for money?

There are different ways of dealing with this but above all it is important for our response to register that every human being is made in the image of God and bears the likeness of Jesus Christ. Giving money is not always showing kindness; it can aid an addictive habit that has the destructive element of crime attached to it. Supporting those who provide expert material, emotional and practical help for the homeless is also a good response to this need. Stonepillow, YMCA, Turning Tides, Snowflake, Seaview, Depaul, Brighton & Hove Nightshelter, are local projects that Christians are committed to.

3. How do you respond to the needs of the poor and dispossessed across the world? We long for peace, we pray for it, so how should we actively support those engaged in reconciliation around the world?

We have diocesan links with parts of the world where there is severe poverty: our diocesan link with the Province of West Africa, and with Northern Kenya; our links with the Church in Syria; pilgrimage links with Christians in Palestinian territories. There are also international charities that bring aid and resources and are explicitly Christian: Tear Fund, Christian Aid, Church Missionary Society (CMS), and United Society Partners in the Gospel (US). Details of these and other organisations are available from the Diocesan website