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Sunday evenings in Advent at 4 pm

Your Christmas Gift

We await the coming of the infant Christ. In the box on the table at the back of church (or by the crib) you will find some envelopes. Each one is a potential gift for you to return when we celebrate Candlemass. You will find an assortment of envelopes, each giving the cost of sanctuary items: the idea is that you might select one or more of these envelopes, enclose the appropriate sum of money, returning them to the collection or to a Church Warden before Candlemass as a gift to the new born King, recalling the gifts presented by the Magi.

Your gift will help and support our daily worship. Every gift offered will be another way of supporting the church . If you can gift aid your donation we would be very grateful.

Cheques may be made payable to: Christ Church PCC. Please give money or cheques to a Church Warden or put in the collection.

Thank you   Carole Sherwood

Christmas Hampers

Tickets are on sale after mass at £1.00 each and will be drawn after mass on Sunday 22nd December.

Please see Fiona or Celia.

Epiphany Meal Sunday 5th January 2020

The meal will take place on Sunday 5th January at 12 noon in the Parish Centre.

Tickets: £6.00 contact Sue or Celia.

See menu choices on Notice Board in the porch.

Surviving The Streets – A Thank You to Christ Church Knitters

James Robinson and the team at Surviving the Streets would like to give a heartfelt thank you to all the people who have knitted warm clothing items for them. These have been much appreciated in this wet weather. Many thanks.

Christ Church School Food Bank

Our school is developing their own food bank for our children and their families. Donations of food would be very welcome.

Churches Together – Food Bank

Volunteers are needed to staff a Food Bank in Hastings. Please see the sheets at the back of church if you are interested. Or ring : 01424 718880.  Lizzy Mackay

Seaview –A Well Being Centre for Mental and Physical Well Being

The Seaview Project writes: A few weeks ago our Big Sleep raise just under £15,000 to help us in our ongoing support for homeless people in our area.

Unfortunately the levels of need are rising just as te weather is getting worse and increasing numbers of people are being forced to sleep out, with no chance of immediate accommodation. We are incredibly grateful for the many churches who regularly support us with clothing, food and finances. At the moment we are facing a need to feed and clothe the homeless across the winter and are looking around for specific donations of ring-pull cans, hats, scarves and gloves. An emergency sleeping kit costs £25 and any donations towards this go entirely to the clients.

Fundraising Event: Weekly Lottery Bonus Ball

The Bonus ball is going very well. How it works: There are nos. 1-59. We know the winner by the national Lottery Draw (Sat). You buy a number between 1- 59 and that number is yours for however many weeks you pay for. Numbers are £1 each so it costs £4 or £5 per month. You win £25 if your chosen number is selected with a rollover if the number drawn has not been selected. To buy your numbers or if you have any queries please see Tina Grevett.

Bonus Ball

There are still a few numbers left to fill. In order for there to be a winner each week maybe people would like to ask friends and family if they would like a number or take another number themselves. We have had several roll over winners, Cath, Sharon, Bishop Peter to name a few andwe are doing quite well contributing to the church. Overall the Bonus ball is a success but to fill these last few numbers would mean a greater number of winners.

Tina Grevett