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Funeral Dir­ect­ors

A bereave­ment is one of the toughest things we have to face. If you have suffered a bereave­ment and want the clergy of Christ Church to con­duct the funer­al you should con­tact Fr Luke imme­di­ately. You should also con­tact a local funeral dir­ector as soon as pos­sible. They will advise you about all the arrange­ments that need to be made for a funeral to take place in a church or at a crematorium. It is essen­tial that arrange­ments are made in con­sulta­tion with the clergy to ensure they are free to take the service.

Funer­als in Church

Chris­tian funer­als are occa­sions of sad­ness but also hope, because the Chris­tian faith prom­ises that all those who die believ­ing in Jesus Christ will rise again from the dead at the end of time. If you would like a funeral to take place at Christ Church, you should con­tact Fr Luke and a local funeral director.

Funer­als at Crematoria

The clergy of Christ Church also con­duct funer­als at crem­at­oria. If you would like a funeral at a crem­at­orium to be taken by one of the clergy of Christ Church, you should con­tact Fr Luke and a local funeral director