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Children & Youth

Christ Church Primary School

The parish clergy lead Collective Worship each week, say Mass in school every Thursday afternoon and support Religious Education teaching. Clergy are part of the school team and attend social and fundraising activities. The clergy are available to play a part in the life of all staff members at moments of need, providing pastoral care.


Members of the Christ Church congregation serve as Foundation Governors. Each governor is linked to a particular curriculum area.


There are regular Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 masses to which families of the school and members of the congregation are welcomed.


Pupils contribute to life at Christ Church by performing music, reading, leading intercessions, acting, serving and welcoming the congregation at different Sunday Masses such as Advent, Education Sunday and Mothering Sunday. School displays contribute to church exhibitions and festivals.


Christ Church building serves as a valuable resource for RE, art, culture, citizenship, history, design technology and other areas of the curriculum as well as promoting SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural)

Christ Church School is a two-form-entry, aided primary school with 450 pupils on the roll, including fifty who attend part-time in the Nursery. 

Christ Church is very proud of its school which moved twenty five years ago to a new site in the north of the parish. The links between the two are strong and are of great mutual importance . Efforts continue to make the most of this relationship. 

Most Christ Church School pupils live in the immediate catchment area, within a ward of high socio-economic deprivation. A recent OFSTED report judged this to be a good Church School where pupils demonstrate high levels of social, moral, spiritual and cultural development. 

Not all staff are practising Christians, but each member supports the strong Christian ethos of the school in line with its mission statement. 

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PALS (Praise and Learning on Sundays)

PALS is the name we devised for our Sunday School to make it sound less like teaching and more about worship and exploring.

We have a brightly-coloured room in the crypt where we meet and have books and resources freely available. The children begin mass in church and after receiving their Bible from the celebrant during the opening hymn, spend time having stories and activities in their room. They return to Mass at the offertory.

The teaching follows the liturgical calendar, or theme, over a few weeks. PALS meets during term time with breaks for Easter, Summer and Christmas. This allows leaders time to enjoy the mass and also for the children to attend if they would like to.

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Our Uniformed Groups: Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts.

The 9th Hastings (Christ Church) Scout Group celebrated 100 years of activity in 2009. It has a thriving and enthusiastic Beaver colony, Cub pack and Scout troop. These sections are run by well trained leaders and provide exciting, adventurous and stimulating activities for boys and girls aged from 6 - 14 years. They learn many new skills and gain confidence and ability in their everyday lives .

The Group attends two Church Parades each year; one in April at St George’s-tide (the Patron Saint of Scouting) and the other in October at St Francis and St Teresa-tide (the Patron Saints of the group.)

The Group badge and motto show three nails of the cross and represent St Francis’s stigmata, the motto being ‘we bear the wounds of Christ`.


The group has an Executive Committee which consists of the section leaders, a Chairman , Treasurer, Secretary and Parent representative, the Rector is invited to attend as the group is supported by the Church.


The trustees form the Executive Committee, raising funds and supporting Group activities to ensure it is able to function successfully. 


Uniformed groups meet in the Parish Centre adjacent to the church.